• Track driver on map

    Instead of waiting the school/work bus on road, why not waiting them at home and know where they are in real time.

  • Get notifications

    Specify circles on map at which you get notifications on your mobile.

  • Ease of use

    You and your driver can install the application from App Store and start right away. No need for complex registration procedures.

  • One account for all organizers

    Any adult family member can access drivers in their mobile. One account, everybody is notified.

  • One account, multiple passengers/transportations

    Passenger account can have multiple passengers. Driver account can have multiple transportations.

  • Busbell will:

  • Save your time and give you peace of mind

  • Help you take care of your children safety. No long waits on road

  • Secure data transfer to servers through high-end encryption (SSL)

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Should you have any query regarding our products, please contact us on this Email (to get rid of spam, we have added (-) everywhere in the email address, please remove them): bus-bell.x-yz@g-mail.com

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